Colleen & Bradley

8/19 Mon Hr 3: What's the NASTIES thing you've seen on an airplane?

PLUS: CELEB OPTICS 101: Kim K. and T.Swift AND CSI: Burning booty call.

Colleen & Bradley
00:36:39 8/19/2019

Past Episodes

What Music or Movie of your youth are your kids into now? COBRA GANG strikes again this time with Saved By The Bell. Crazy, Stupid, Idiots.
00:33:35 9/19/2019
How do you feel about being greeted with a kiss on your face? AHS 1984. DBags. The Publationship of "Shamilla" otherwise known as Camilla Cabello and Shawn Mendes.
00:42:02 9/19/2019
There was a hearing on Britney Spears conservatorship. :30 Second Pop Culture Challenge. Blind Items. Stacia Rice talks about her roll in the play "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Yellow Tree Theater."
00:41:00 9/19/2019
ALSO: COBRAGANG - Richard Simmons....; Crazy Stupid Idiots: What is going on in the Ohio Amish Community> We need to know...
00:32:11 9/18/2019
ALSO: Reboot or get the boot: Princess Bride and Saved by the Bell; Lord & Lady DBag - Harvey Weinstein's attorney; CHONAS - Celebrating Nick's BDay.
00:42:07 9/18/2019
ALSO: COBRAGANG - More on the Britney situation; 30 Second Pop Culture Challenge & Blind Items
00:36:47 9/18/2019
Best places to take people who are visiting Minnesota . More pushback about Bill Maher's fat shaming comments. Plus, 'C.S.I.'
00:31:15 9/16/2019
'She Said' -- book about the reporting that ignited the #MeToo movement. Plus, 'Blinded by the Item', including Christie Brinkley bowing out of 'DWTS.'
00:35:36 9/16/2019
'Guess who' was in St. Paul last night for the Jonas Brothers' concert. What's going on with Britney Spears? Plus, 'Celebrity D-Bags' and, Kevin Hart is being sued for $60 million.
00:41:40 9/16/2019
ALSO: What's your favorite simple pleasure?; & Crazy Stupid Idiots!
00:33:06 9/16/2019

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