Colleen & Bradley

PLUS: What's the deal with themed birthday parties?! HERE'S WHAT WE'RE WATCHING NOW: THE FAMILY on Netflix AND D-BAGS: An Instagram commenter and Lady Gaga's PR team.

Colleen & Bradley
00:45:50 8/19/2019

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ALSO: What's your favorite simple pleasure?; & Crazy Stupid Idiots!
00:33:06 9/16/2019
ALSO: Have you unfollowed someone on social media then creeped back on their profile?; Lord & Lady Dbag of the Day; & Cara Delevingne says Harvey Weinstein told her to get a beard???
00:42:54 9/16/2019
ALSO: 30 Second Pop Culture Challenge & Blind Items - Bradley Cooper?!; Rihanna and Missy Elliott are teasing us BIG TIME!!
00:37:49 9/16/2019
MyTalkers dish on their biggest irritation they encountered on the road TODAY! Paul McGuire Grimes talks "Hustlers" and "The Goldfinch." The story behind how "CSI" came to be.
00:31:47 9/13/2019
Farrah Abraham talks plastic surgery...with her 10-year old daughter. Cheat Day. DBags. Colleen is loving all the trailers from Disney so far ESPECIALLY this one!
00:42:11 9/13/2019
Britney Spears is on a hallway? Dirt Alert with Elizabeth Ries. :30 Second Pop Culture Challenge. Blind Items with Donna Valentine. Google Trends: 9/11, Vaping, and what is "Palindrome Week?"
00:43:33 9/13/2019
PLUS: We interview Julie Guidry of our PD&D charity, Upstream Arts AND CSI: A cursed family.
00:32:46 9/12/2019
PLUS: D-BAGS: FOODGOD and Postmates AND COBRA GANG: #FREEBRITNEY: What's really going on with her Hawaiian vacation?
00:43:46 9/12/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND SHAMILA get really NASTY on Instagram.
00:42:23 9/12/2019
PLUS: What the mispronounced word that drives you crazy? AND CSI: The happiest place on Earth?
00:33:19 9/11/2019

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