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8/06/19 Great listener email reacting to the discussion yesterday on gun control

8/06 Great listener email reacting to the discussion yesterday on gun control. Another story from the Crabby Pants News dept. Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news, and the discovery of a news age group, the seenager.

Garage Logic
01:24:12 8/5/2019

Past Episodes

08/22 Garage Logic is Live at The Minnesota State Fair. Marjorie starts things off, Two dogs at the end, Glen Perkins and Surly with their new beer and two musical acts!! See you at the fair!!
01:21:57 8/21/2019
08/21 The entire crew is in, and everyone is a little excited for the MN state fair. The Paul Bunyan statue at the fair is going to be auctioned off. Mpls Park Board to vote on renaming Calhoun parkways after Bde Maka Ska, and Johnny Heidt with another edition of guitar news!!
01:19:38 8/20/2019
08/20 Joe reads some shocking quotes from Ilhan Omar on Israel and the list of the 30 worst districts for African-American's in the country. Elizabeth Warren visits Macalester College. Joe also has a great article from the climate dispatch.
01:22:04 8/19/2019
08/19 More from the world of those elected who wish to be important rather than useful. Man loses touch with nature. A woman attempting to travel to New York on a yacht to reduce her carbon footprint is a hypocrite, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!
01:13:50 8/18/2019
08/16/2019 Scramble Friday Best-Of! Gay gardeners and Bigfoot prints. Who could want more than that?
01:04:43 8/15/2019
8/15/19 Garage Logic's Best-of today is a gem. Preacher Kelly checked in for the first time and had Joe mesmerized. Ray follows up with a call pertaining to why blacks should expect more from themselves and not make excuses. Two powerful calls. Joe is then onto diversity at festivals and makes his comment about what happens when you live close to the nation's tallest buildings, also from 2006.
00:50:35 8/14/2019
8/14/19 AOC says that we should get rid of all gas powered vehicles eventually. Whoa!! A VW ad and a Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad are considered whom? Swedish sixteen year old Greta Thunberg is on her way over to talk climate change, via a racing yacht. What kind of reception will she get?
01:08:27 8/13/2019
8/13/19 The Mayor learns the number of existing Podcasts out there as well as how many new Podcasts stat up every day. Insight into the GL Podcast. Senator Elizabeth Warren will visit Macalester College and Joe threatens to attend to see what is said. The 'white crosswalk figure' is power washed! HOW? Joe has a very poor signature~
01:09:31 8/12/2019
08/12 Jeffrey Epstein, died early Sat from an apparent suicide, according to federal authorities. The Mayor has some thoughts and a few questions. A new theory on combating climate change and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.
01:26:01 8/11/2019
8/09 We call and wish a happy 100th Birthday to our dear friend Marjorie Johnson. We also replay Joe's personal favorite state fair segment with Marjorie and the late great Sharon Jones. Smokey The Bear also celebrates his 75th birthday today.
01:15:12 8/8/2019

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