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8-13-17: Nora Gedgaudes, Darryl Edwards,

The "Ancestral Health Symposium 2017" happens at the University of Washington--Sept 7-9. 70 speakers from around the globe discuss healthful living and effective healing. To provide insights: Nora Gedgaudes (Portland, OR) has worked in the field of nutrition for a couple of decades and is an author, whose recent book is "Primal Fat Burner". Darryl Edwards (London, England) has lived the health lifestyle for the past 15 years. Prior to this, a doctor was prescribing a lifetime of meds for pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, back pain, high BP. Darryl decided on a life style change, ultimately leaving his work in the finance arena, sitting at a desk for hours on end, and created his new work in 'activity' and The Primal Play Method. , ,

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00:29:09 8/11/2017

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Dr. Paul Zeitz is a physician, epidemiologist, and an award-winning advocate for global justice and human rights! I feel he is a great man to have as a guest on Father's Day--as the father of 5 sons. And in addition, the passion Dr. Zeitz has to do good in the world, working for the health of our planet. Dr. Zeitz shares of his life and his work in his memoir: Waging Justice--A Doctor's Journey to speak Truth and Be Bold, is inspirational, about self healing, done in conjunction with work to heal epidemics (AIDS/HIV) and work to heal the planet. The time is now, which is why being Bold is so important.
00:29:47 6/16/2019
Pati Poblete addresses gun violence from her personal place. A longtime Bay Area journalist Pati uses her skill to relate the devastating story--the murder of her 23 year old son, Robby, 5 years ago, and her journey of healing. A Better Place--A Memoir of Peace in the Face of Tragedy is a raw and honest recounting of the tragedy and is balanced with the portrayal of Robby's deep engagement in, and love of life! Pati knows that we each have our own journey of healing but her expression of her path is sure to share ideas with others dealing with tragedy and loss--including a gun buy back program and 'transforming' the weapons into forms of art.
00:29:21 6/9/2019
Wonderland Kids. Michelle Stiller Bradley is the Director of Services and Programs for this highly important non-profit, early-intervention agency. Each month it serves more than 250 families and their children ages birth to three who have special needs, living in north King and south Snohomish counties. Their goal is to help children with developmental delays or disabilities realize their full potential. Included in this number, and continuing to grow, are the numbers of infants born with prenatal substance exposure. Consider this shocking statistic: Every 25 minutes, a baby is born in the U.S. suffering from opioid withdrawal. A new clinic "Hope Rising Clinic" has just opened in collaboration with UW, and will work with infants through age 12. Great need for financial support. A golf tournament happens in August, and a Gala in September. Also volunteers are welcome! Great opportunities for persons looking to potentially work in this field.
00:30:13 6/2/2019
Kevin Hines is a survivor--of a suicide attempt. At age 18 Kevin jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. He acknowledges that a number of things happen that are miraculous in terms of his survival. Perhaps the greatest result is that Kevin now dedicates his life to advocacy and education about mental health issues and the great need for more mental health care. At birth, Kevin was a meth baby. He was placed in foster care. Was adopted by a loving family. But the demons in his body as a result of the drugs, plagued him. He comes to his work with incredible passion, understanding, and hope. , , Kevin does his work globally because: Suicide is an epidemic that takes over 800,000 lives globally every year. In the US alone there are one million suicide attempts and over 40,000 deaths by suicide every year. Our US Military is devastatingly impacted with 22 veterans dying everyday by suicide. And it does impact each and every one of us!
00:28:46 5/26/2019
Hu Dalconzo is a spiritual-life coach, and author. His most recent book is a novel-- The Awakening: A Transformational Love Story, written together with his son Dean. Because we learn better through stories and parables, Hu uses the book to convey the message of the change we can still make and need to make to preserve life, nature and humanity, on this planet. We must know we need to change, to transform. We can't expect different results if we keep doing things the way we always did. Seeing more women in leadership positions is a testament to this.
00:29:56 5/19/2019
Jennifer Teeler is the Director of Development for Susan G Komen Puget Sound; Jennifer is a breast cancer survivor, and she is a mom. The More Than Pink Walk happens on Sunday June 2 at Seward Park, and Jennifer gives good insights about the name change and all the work there is still to do. A great amount of research happens here in our area, and Jennifer continues her work so her daughters won't face the diagnosis she did.
00:27:55 5/12/2019
Luke Minor is the new Director of the Washington College Savings Plans and Jackie Ferrado is the Community Relations Manager. Together they provide powerful information about the expanded college savings plans we have here in Washington. WA College Savings Plans, or WA529, is composed of the Guaranteed Education Tuition, or GET Program, andt eh DreamAhead College Investment Plan. Luke provides details about each of the programs, and Jackie provides personal and compelling stories of beginning the program with her kids, and continuing now with her grandkids. It's also good to remember that the plans can also be used for our own education. It's been show that sudents who know they have a college savings account are 7 times more likely to pursue higher education.
00:29:35 5/5/2019
Give Big 2019 happens Wednesday May 8. And you can make your choice now, and look through the site for charitable organizations. Mary Grace Roske, Chief Brand Officer with the Seattle Foundation provides an overview of the origins of this great day of philanthropy, begun in 2010. Jeni Craswell, Chair of the Give BIG 2019 Advisory Committee, and VP, Advancement and External Relations for Hopelink shares some stories of the good and needed work Hopelink does in the community with their goal to end poverty. And we learn of a new element of Give Big, and that is peer to peer donation. Using social platforms we can make our $$ go further by inviting our friends and peers to join us in a goal to support our chosen charity/charities!
00:29:44 4/28/2019
March of Dimes, March for Babies. Adam and Neesha Bremmeyer tell us of the premature birth of Mila-- born 16 weeks early, weighing just 1 lb. 7 oz. Because of all the work of the March of Dimes, the NICU is a haven for premies, and Mila spent the early weeks of her life there, about 3-1/2 months. Home was in Chelan, and the family crossed the mountains to Seattle regularly to be with their child, putting 7000 or more miles on their vehicles. 13 months later, Mila is thriving and enjoying her young life. The family is grateful, and invites us to the March for Babies. In Seattle it's Saturday, May 4, at Seattle Center, Fisher Pavilion. Register at 8am, or on line anytime! These funds support families, and fund research. Walks also are happening in Tacoma, and in the Everett area. Or join in virtually anytime. Teri Yoder, Exec Director of the March of Dimes provides some history about the work of the March of Dimes.
00:29:15 4/21/2019
Dr. Mark Goulston is one of the country's leading experts on suicide prevention and the co-creator of the new video/podcast documentary Stay Alive. Kevin Hines whom we'll meet in a few weeks is a suicide survivor, having jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Together with Dr. Goulston they are the voice of reason in a very crazy/challenging time.
00:29:46 4/14/2019

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