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782: Death of Mother Could Trigger Ballistic Brother | Feedback Friday

Now that your mother-in-law is in hospice, you're worried that your unstable brother-in-law — whose uncomfortable attachment to her makes Norman Bates look like John Boy Walton — is set to go literally ballistic against you and your husband (who has been handling her financial affairs) when she finally passes. Should you skip the funeral, or rent a couple of bulletproof vests and hope for the best? We'll try to find an answer to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Should you skip your mother-in-law's funeral to avoid being shot by the unhinged brother-in-law over financial affairs?
  • You're living abroad with a significant other who cheated on you during the long-distance phase of your relationship, and trust is difficult to regain. You're considering moving out, but you're a stranger in a strange land without a support system. What should you do?
  • As part of a hard-working sales team, it was disheartening to discover your manager's been playing favorites and spoon-feeding the best leads to her crush. How can you right this wrong without jeopardizing your own position?
  • How do you best protect yourself, your child, and your niece against a sister struggling with addiction who makes sure none of your good deeds toward her over the years go unpunished?
  • When talking about medical problems and past trauma makes your friends uncomfortable, is it okay to bury your pain rather than trying to sort the mess out?
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