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746: Yass Alizadeh | Iran Protests | Out of the Loop

Yass Alizadeh (@AlizadehYass) is a clinical assistant professor of Persian language and literature and the Persian program coordinator at New York University. Her research focuses on the layering of ethical themes in the ambiguously coded language of folktales in Modern Iran, the intricate link between politics and fiction, and the critical role of metaphors in the reframing of Iran’s classical oral tales.

Welcome to what we're calling our "Out of the Loop" episodes, where we dig a little deeper into fascinating current events that may only register as a blip on the media's news cycle and have conversations with the people who find themselves immersed in them. Here, we talk with NYU clinical assistant professor of Persian language and literature Yass Alizadeh about the protests going on in Iran right now for people who may be a bit out of the loop. Listen, learn, and enjoy!

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On This Episode of Out of the Loop, We Discuss:

  • What spark set off the current round of protests in Iran, and how does this differ from previous periods of unrest in the country?
  • How did Iran go from a rapidly modernizing state to a tyrannical theocracy?
  • Why the younger generations in Iran are standing up to the current regime in ways prior generations didn't dare.
  • Iranian regime change vs. regime reform — who really supports each approach and why it matters.
  • Where Yass sees these protests going, and what she hopes they bode for the future of the Iranian people.
  • And much more!
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