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720: Should You Confess You Know He's Not Your Dad? | Feedback Friday

You recently discovered that the person you've always thought was your uncle is actually your biological father, and suddenly it makes sense why you never really bonded with the man who raised you as his own. Now that he's on his deathbed, is it worth clearing the air and letting him know that you know the truth? Welcome to Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • You just found out the man who abusively raised you isn't your biological father — the person you've always thought was your uncle is. Now that he's on his deathbed, should you tell him that you know the truth?
  • Circumstances have made it necessary for your mother to move in with you until she can get back on her feet after being laid off, but you're in your 30s and it's really cramping your ability to date. How can you find a balance that benefits you both?
  • After hitting rock bottom, you've visualized various ways to harm yourself. And even though you've never acted on them, should you take these intrusive thoughts as some kind of warning sign of problems you're not equipped to handle on your own? Or does everyone have these kinds of thoughts?
  • How do you break the news to your old mentor that they've created a toxic work environment and earned a bad reputation for treating employees poorly when they try to leave?
  • It turns out someone you've formed a serious relationship with once matched with your sister on a dating app, but they got into an argument before they could ever meet in person. Now she insists that you break up with him, and is making your life difficult for refusing. What's the right move here?
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