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7/17 Wed. Hr. 2: We Are Jeremy Renner Fans Suddenly, Multi Level Marketing, and Hot Dog Talk

We take another listen to one of Jeremy Renner's song and it is so good! A guy waits 30 hours to see Garth Brooks at a dive bar. We are guilty of doing something similar. Ed Sheeran has a statue made for him in Moscow. Steve is checking out this podcast about multi level marketing. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: 2019 Emmy Nominations. Steve gives some cable advice. Where to get hot dogs on national hot dog day.

Donna & Steve
00:43:37 7/17/2019

Past Episodes

We bring Bea Arthur on the show to settle our State Fair squabbles. The Millennial X Games. What is something that gives you trouble sleeping the night before. What is the oldest pet?
00:40:21 8/21/2019
Taylor Swift's album is not even out yet but it has already sold a million copies. Her fashion line is also out soon. We learn the difference between cougars and bob cats. Happy Birthday Kenny Rogers! We run through the latest stars that will be on Dancing with the Stars. We detail what we are doing on Twin Cities Live for the fair. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Keanu Reeves. We figure out our TV walkout song. Do you type faster on a computer or phone? Pink is offering a challenge to the internet.
00:42:26 8/21/2019
The weather for the fair looks fantastic. Almost fall like! We are gearing up for our state fair debate today. We love chewing rubber. Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities Live joins the show to ask a very important. There has been a very long fire burning in Australia. Hannah W joins the show and we recap this week of Bachelor in Paradise. Andy Richter saw another guy put his feet where they should not be. Donna's cougar dream is coming true.
00:43:03 8/21/2019
Another climactic conclusion on this week's episode.
00:16:40 8/21/2019
There is some drama surrounding our state fair appearance and it is ripping us apart. We go through a life milestone study. Confessions: What makes you not trust someone? We need a caller to answer a question about Duluth.
00:40:15 8/20/2019
We take a listen to the trailer of Bruce Springsteen's movie Western Stars and have to throw Ryan in a bonus time out about it. Billie Ellish is the new #1 artist on the Billboard charts and we learn a bit about her. Steve saw some bizarre things on the road yesterday. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Seinfeld. Road kill in action. We take an organization quiz and learn about our bad organization habits.
00:42:13 8/20/2019
Steve is back and he tells us stories of his first trip to Duluth. The hotel is stayed at was a great lesson of not judging a book by his cover. He loved Gooseberry Falls and had a fun time at the railroad museum. We learn about the color mauve and we have been pronouncing it all wrong. Who invented the submarine? The cheapest vehicle to ensure is a van. James Corden will be on the Late Late Show for a few more years. We take a listen to The Morning Show trailer and are going to have to get Apple TV now. Energy savers like to sleep hot.
00:42:29 8/20/2019
What makes you not trust someone?
00:18:59 8/20/2019
The movie Good Boys did really well at the box office this weekend. Elizabeth watched a crazy documentary. We get a review of Blinded By The Light. George R. R. Martin is getting back to writing. What are the top things you need to have a happy and healthy life? Stories from Woodstock. Emojis lead to a better love life. What are our most recent emojis? A local lady in the little league world series. There are Friends ans Seinfeld people.
00:41:01 8/19/2019
We are getting butterflies for the State Fair! Maya Hawke has released some music and it is not bad. A new Diplo song sounds like every other song. Shania Twain like you have never heard her before. Elizabeth went to her High School Reunion and tells us all about it. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: wrestlers turned actors. Donna found some great venues during her busy weekend. You need to reinvent yourself. Cheesy conversation starters.
00:42:30 8/19/2019

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