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7/16 Tues. Hr. 2: We Learn About A Twerk Pit, The Old Face App is Everything, and The No Show Sock Hack

Iggy Azelea is introducing a twerk pit. John Mayer is a funny guy. We are debating the rules of our auction. We are having a lot of fun with this old face app. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrity Brothers. Hair extensions are wild. There is an incredible no show sock hack. Donna played a fun game at the cabin and must tell us about it.

Donna & Steve
00:40:53 7/16/2019

Past Episodes

Ryan watched 6 episodes of Friends and gives his review of watching it for the first time. Video game tournaments will soon be on television. We are happy Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his family are okay. You will fall asleep faster if you are on your back. More Duluth suggestions. Go ahead and bring your miniature horse on a plane.
00:42:57 8/16/2019
A few jokes on national joke day. Steve has a water breaking story. Taylor Swift has a new song called lover and we take a listen. We hear more water breaking stories. Ryan gets in a twitter beef with Kevin Smith. More new music from Miley Cyrus and Charlie XCX. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Original Woodstock performers. Steve's brother is going on an interesting road trip. How much money should you have saved by the age of 30? You can make money binge watching Friends. What are the elements of a perfect joke?
00:39:24 8/16/2019
Steve is finally taking the family to Duluth and he needs suggestions on what to do! We play guess that sound and it makes us uncomfortable. Another celeb couple who don't live together. Birds hitting windows can be stopped. A Marvelous Mrs. Maisel promotion gets shut down. Kelly Clarkson takes us inside her talk show set. Dave Chappelle has another comedy special on the way. Millennials have dangerous driving habits.
00:41:41 8/16/2019
We have found Donna's Halloween costume this year. Emma Watson does not have the best American accent. A bonus Time Out a child who reacts poorly to technology withdrawals. A bonus parenting tip. Happy birthday Joe Jonas! Ryan has a very weird dressing habit. We take a listen to a new song from Hunter Hayes. Where did musicians get their names? A great story about a guy having a plane all to himself. Where do you feel most relaxed?
00:42:44 8/15/2019
Throwback Thursday, Meat Loaf, The Jonas Brothers, and Boys 2 Men. An old AOL commercial predicted the future of the internet. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrity business owners. What is going on with Simon Cowell's face? What are some easy ways to relax?
00:41:47 8/15/2019
We start the morning off with a bit of confusion. Our different approaches to the show are clashing. There are barely any blimps left. Be careful with your jewelry. Infant is not just a baby. Donna is really liking the show Songland. Crank Yankers is coming back and we don't think it should. Ohio State University is trying to trademark the word the.
00:42:25 8/15/2019
Hugh Grant reveals the best movie he ever did and we try to get Donna on board with it. Ryan is always too busy to watch Friends. What is the most stressful life moment? The Millennial X Games! We get lost in state fair talk.
00:43:49 8/14/2019
The Jonas Brothers have released the music video to their song Only Human and we love it. We are really digging the new country supergroup the Highwomen and we listen to a few of their songs. An adorable story about a couple who dresses the same. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Left handed celebrities. We are having a segregated lunch at work today. A whole bunch of necessary tips.
00:41:49 8/14/2019
Donna did not know where she worked until today. A big cat related medical breakthrough. You brain is actually as big as an ironing board. There are more Mona Lisa's. We learn about the longest word in the English language. Hannah joins us to talk about this week of Bachelor in Paradise. Donna finds a naughty bird. Poop joggers. Steve has come around on Dave.
00:41:52 8/14/2019
A suspense filled conclusion on this week's episode.
00:00:00 8/14/2019

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