Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie

Doogie with the Scoop joins the show to talk about the latest inside news on all the Minnesota sports teams. Roy Smalley joins the show to talk about the Twins' future for the 2018 season.

Mackey & Judd w/ Ramie
00:00:00 7/11/2018

Past Episodes

  • Zion Williamson's shoe blew out and the boys try to talk about it but Danny railroads it gloriously
  • The boys then get back into the Zion discussion
  • Callers have their opinions on kids playing college basketball and the dress shoe conversation 

00:51:00 2/20/2019
  • The guys open hour two with more discussion about Zion Williamson
  • The Steelers GM had some questionable comments on who can say what with the Steelers
  • Wrap with Reusse 

00:41:00 2/20/2019
Lindsey and Declan host an emergency podcast to break down the Wild trading Charlie Coyle to the Boston Bruins. The Wild received prospect Ryan Donato and a fifth-round pick in the trade. Are there more trades coming? What does this mean for the Wild? And where does Donato fit in?
00:00:00 2/19/2019
  • The boys discuss whether Miguel Sano get's it
  • In Other News
  • Wrap with Reusse 

00:44:00 2/19/2019
  • Ramie and Judd discuss Jerry Kill's comments on PJ Fleck
  • Kirk tweeted and the boys react to it as well as ask if Sano gets it
  • We finish the hour talking about the Wild trading Charlie Coyle 
00:50:00 2/19/2019
  • Mackey & Judd go through WR3 options that are not named Antonio Brown
  • Judd has his state of the Wild
  • Wrap with Reusse 

00:47:00 2/18/2019
  • The boys discuss the comments made by Adam Thielen's agent today
  • Derek Wetmore on the Twins, Machado's new deal, and MLB
  • A discussion about the ESPN article about Tim Donaghy 

00:54:00 2/18/2019
  • Phil and Ramie debate just how good Jordan's dunk contests were
  • I Want To Mock!
  • Wrap with Reusse

00:47:00 2/17/2019
  • Thad Levine had comments on Touch 'em All that we go over
  • Judd still doesn't want Antonio Brown on the Vikings
  • We laugh at football commentator bloopers

00:51:00 2/17/2019
Recapping the recent losses to the Devils and Blues; Dubnyk's struggles; Who would you keep and who would you trade; Zucker's value;How to build this team for next year; Mike Modano conspiracy theory; Breaking up this group longterm; Why you wouldn't trade defenseman; Changing the current playoff format and what's Mike Yeo thinking right now?
00:00:00 2/17/2019

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