Colleen & Bradley

7/10 Weds Hr 3: Colleen and Holly make some movie quote matches

PLUS: Crazy Stupid Idiots and more sticky fingers horror stories

Colleen & Bradley
00:31:11 7/10/2019

Past Episodes

Also: Kylie Jenner is buying an ISLAND?! & Paul's Trip to the Movies drops by to tell us about the latest box office hits (or misses).
00:35:37 8/16/2019
Also: CHEAT DAY - Colleen's Snack Grab-bag, Mrs. Maisle is a D-Bag (or maybe just Amazon Prime), & Some people have some NASTY habits.
00:41:22 8/16/2019
Also: Dirt Alert, Blind Item: Tina Fey is avoiding Lilo, & Simone Biles is trending - and rightly so!
00:45:12 8/16/2019
PLUS: What's your favorite American Chinese dish? AND CSI: Born to be mild.
00:35:16 8/15/2019
PLUS: What is your favorite breakfast food? D-BAGS: Will and Jada and FoodGod AND Chrisley Knows WORST!
00:00:00 8/15/2019
PLUS: LILEY: He said/she said. Elizabeth the Dirt Alert AND SHAMILA: They "love each other. M'kay.
00:47:25 8/15/2019
PLUS: What's the best TV finale of all time? AND Double D-BAG: Kylie and her tea.
00:34:01 8/14/2019
PLUS: Does it matter if something is made in Minnesota? Colleen watched the season finale of THE HANDMAID'S TALE AND D-BAGS: This guy AND mommy shamers.
00:44:34 8/14/2019
PLUS: Elizabeth has the Dirt Alert, :30 Pop Culture Challenge and Blinded by the Item AND Celebrity Welfare Check: LiLo and Bella.
00:45:08 8/14/2019
PLUS: Olivia Jade: How is she doing post College Admissions Scandal? AND CSI: A new dating low...
00:35:55 8/13/2019

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