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697: Peter Santenello | Inspecting Perspectives the Media Neglects

Peter Santenello (@petersantenello) is a videomaker, traveler, and entrepreneur whose videos shine a light on the world the media fails to capture -- without political polarization.

What We Discuss with Peter Santenello:

  • Why Ukraine was an ideal base of operations for Peter's immersive, culture-hopping videos -- and what made him move to the US just before Russia decided to invade.
  • For all the problems the US faces on the home front, what do Americans take for granted that people from other countries notice and appreciate right away?
  • What video equipment does Peter use to stay as mobile (and non-threatening) as possible while maintaining fairly professional quality?
  • As an American, how does Peter navigate travel in countries with governments that have a less-than-friendly relationship with the United States?
  • What does Peter do to ensure he doesn't cross any boundaries when interviewing people whose cultures and experiences differ radically from his own -- while keeping his videos interesting for fellow outsiders?
  • And much more...

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