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692: Self-Defense Against Ex Led to Unjust Arrest | Feedback Friday

Your faith in the justice system has been shaken because you were arrested for defending yourself against a gun-wielding ex who was threatening to end your life. Now you want to use what you have left of your GI bill to become a criminal defense attorney to help others, but you're still struggling to overcome the trauma you endured from the system's unjust actions against you. What can you do to move on? Welcome to Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Your ambition to become a criminal defense attorney to help others seems to be on hold until you can trust the system that had you arrested for defending yourself against a gun-wielding ex who was threatening to end your life. What can you do to move on?
  • You had a dream job in the medical field, but proximity to opioids proved too tempting and it led to termination and a criminal record. Now on the path to recovery, you're in search of work you find fulfilling that won't coax you back into the arms of addiction. But where do you even begin?
  • Your kind and hardworking mother-in-law nearing retirement could be renting out her spare house to help pay mounting medical bills, but instead, it's occupied by her deadbeat nephew who contributes nothing. How can you intervene on her behalf to ensure he starts chipping in without stirring up family drama (and sticking you with the eventual bill)?
  • Now in your 30s, you'd like to have a baby sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, your husband seems content to keep stalling and you worry that maybe he never really wants to have kids at all. It doesn't help matters that you've found flirty messages between him and his coworker, but you feel like leaving him to find someone new to start a family is risking time you don't have. What do you do?
  • A decade ago, you and your best friend were very much of the same negative, expect-the-worst mindset. Since then, you've lucked out with a great partner who's been supportive, and your trajectory has been on the up and up. Your friend, however, remains stuck struggling with many of the same problems you once shared, and you find it harder to be there for him in a way that's helpful. What's the best tack to take here?
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