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689: Her Beau is Faux, But She Doesn't Know | Feedback Friday

You were happy for your roommate's sister when it seemed her new boyfriend was a keeper who made her happy. Unfortunately, it's become obvious he's a dangerous manipulator who has her under his spell as he drains her savings and threatens to propose to her while claiming to be the second coming of the region's top La-Z-Boy salesman with a net worth of $16 million. How can you get her to see him for what he is before it's too late? We'll look for answers to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Your roommate's sister's swain spouts delusional claims that mark him as either a master manipulator or clearly insane.  Either way, how can you get her to see through the spell he's cast over her before she falls further into his maniacal machinations?
  • Your boss is an intimidating menace whose incompetence makes you work twice as hard, and HR doesn't take your complaints about him seriously. Is it time to find a new job, or should you just deal with it?
  • You've learned your wife cheated on you while you were away in the military, and you would leave her if you weren't dependent on the contribution of her salary to buy a house in this inflated market. How do you do what’s best for your kids without trapping yourself in a loveless relationship?
  • Some might see your tendency to prepare for every possible emergency as a sign of chronic anxiety, but you see it as being ready for anything. Are you simply thinking ahead, or are you living in dread?
  • Recent feedback from your boss has made you aware of your tendency to make impulsive decisions. What can you do to slow down and better weigh your options before committing to a subpar course of action?
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