The Jordan Harbinger Show

682: Hustle Culture | Deep Dive

Jordan (@JordanHarbinger) and Gabe (@GabeMizrahi) take a deep dive into the toxic cesspool of hustle culture and emerge with better alternatives you can use to break free from its seductive but icky grip and write yourself a meaningful success story!

What We Discuss:

  • Hustle culture makes you miserable because it sells you the destination without the journey.
  • Hustle culture is a toxic sham because it operates like an emotion-manipulating pyramid scheme that pits you against your peers instead of encouraging you to work together.
  • How you can spot the sure signs of hustle culture and avoid its sticky, wicked clutches.
  • What you can do to break free of hustle culture if it’s already got its hooks in you.
  • Better alternatives that will enrich your journey toward success instead of guilting you, shaming you, pressuring you, and making you co-dependent on hustle culture’s empty promises.
  • And much more…

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