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675: A Tenant, Psychotic, Makes Your Life Chaotic | Feedback Friday

You invited a friend to rent one of your rooms for a year. Only five months in, she's having delusional psychotic breaks in which she claims to be God, purports to read minds, and accuses your fiance and numerous others of raping her. Under the circumstances, your family doesn't feel safe having her in your home anymore, and you've let her know she's not welcome back. Now she's calling you incessantly and making you feel guilty for not supporting her as a "friend." Do you have a responsibility to help her, or -- for the sake of your family's safety -- are you right for cutting her off? We'll try to find an answer to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Do you have a responsibility to keep renting a room to a friend who had a psychotic break, or does your family's safety come first? [Thanks to attorney Corbin Payne for helping us field the legalities of this one!]
  • The private school where you teach is rife with corrupt policies. Should you try to change the system from within, or find another job before an inevitable lawsuit brings the whole place down?
  • Because you're young and you want to be free to explore your romantic options, you may have been too hasty when you agreed to date your college girlfriend exclusively. Is there a way to back out of the arrangement without being a complete heel?
  • A recent miscarriage seems to be just the tip of a cascading torrent of misfortune and tragedy that has you experiencing frequent anxiety attacks and a constant state of fight or flight. What can you do to turn things around?
  • How can you make sure your good work is rewarded by the entrenched corporate hierarchy at your office when you have an incompetent manager taking credit for everything you and your team have done? [Thanks to executive coach and From Start-Up to Grown-Up author Alisa Cohn for helping us field this one!]
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