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657: Josh Peck | Happy People Are Annoying

Josh Peck (@ItsJoshPeck) is an actor (currently appearing as Drew on How I Met Your Father), comedian, YouTuber, and author of Happy People Are Annoying.

What We Discuss with Josh Peck:

  • Why Josh considers it a blessing he grew up before social media dominated the landscape of adolescence.
  • How Josh went from wild child to grounded, friendly father (instead of becoming some kind of "drunk Hollywood jerkface") without knowing his own father until later in life.
  • What Josh did to overcome the food addiction that once had him tipping the scales at 297 -- when he was just a kid.
  • How Josh became a standup comedian at the tender age of 11, and what he did to relate to his significantly older audience.
  • How ego can turn someone into an imposter -- and how this is different from the common phenomenon of imposter syndrome.
  • And much more...

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