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622: Ishmael Beah | Memoirs of a Boy Soldier

Ishmael Beah (@IshmaelBeah) is a former child soldier, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and the New York Times bestselling author of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier and Radiance of Tomorrow: A Novel. His latest book is Little Family: A Novel.

What We Discuss with Ishmael Beah:

  • What the volatility of life in a warzone is really like from the perspective of a child.
  • How desperation drives human beings to rationalize committing any number of atrocities to survive.
  • Why trusting old neighbors, friends, and even family in the midst of a civil war can arouse suspicion and cost you your life.
  • The choice for all too many children in an area embroiled in armed conflict: accept recruitment into one of the factions as a soldier, or be killed before someone else can recruit you.
  • How rap music saved Ishmael's life.
  • And much more...

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