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6/14 Fri. Hr. 3 Respect Our Personal Space, Backwards and Forwards, and Lessons From Our Fathers

People sitting next to you can really ruin an experience. The Rock is getting a big award for being amazing. Tom Hanks had his doubts about Forrest Gump. The sequel to The Shinning has released their trailer. The dad bod is officially here. We take the backwards name game to the next level. What have you learned from your father?

Donna & Steve
00:41:45 6/14/2019

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The 2019 Emmy nominations have been released and we go through some of the highlights. Ricky Gervais and Jerry Seinfeld are quite a dangerous couple. We get a great call from a Meals on Wheels volunteer. Confessions: When is a time you embarrassingly injured yourself? We are loving this Black Keys Funny or Die video.
00:41:48 7/16/2019
Iggy Azelea is introducing a twerk pit. John Mayer is a funny guy. We are debating the rules of our auction. We are having a lot of fun with this old face app. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrity Brothers. Hair extensions are wild. There is an incredible no show sock hack. Donna played a fun game at the cabin and must tell us about it.
00:40:53 7/16/2019
Donna is back from her time away! She needed to see llamas yesterday. She saw Patton Oswalt at the State Theater. Ryan is excited to host Twin Cities Live with Steve. The Boston Market sign is going away for a good cause. Babies have more bones than adults. The Departed is a remake? We speak with Lauren Edstrom from Meals on Wheels as we begin to raise money for their organization. People are stapling bread to trees now and nobody knows why.
00:40:08 7/16/2019
When is a time you embarrassingly injured yourself?
00:17:55 7/16/2019
There was a discrepancy in The College of Pop Culture Knowledge that we settle with a tiebreaker. We are really excited for The Lion King remake. Too many men think they could score a point on Serena Williams. Dude week is coming back to Twin Cities Live and we have a very special announcement of who will be hosting. Secret deodorant is giving lots of money to the U.S. Women's Soccer.
00:00:00 7/15/2019
Chris Pratt should not be singing country songs. Steve and Kelli explain why they gave up on their dreams. Jennifer Lopez had to cancel her show at Madison Square Garden after a blackout. retail therapy is a real thing. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Songs with Babies. Steve is trying to be father of the year. Kelli is bringing the best shopping tips for Prime Day.
00:00:00 7/15/2019
Kelli Hanson from Twin Cities Live is in for Donna today! Happy Amazon Prime Days! Steve is in the market for some sheets and needs help. Something you may not have known about the saxophone. An amazing fact about Abe Lincoln's son. Ryan and Steve are becoming the same person. Stranger Things is getting so dang good. Ryan's lady friend took advantage of prime day. Kelli Hanson's husband had a big fail at the airport.
00:38:31 7/15/2019
We are really interested in Disney's streaming service and apparently so are a lot of other people. We also have some interesting reboot and casting information. How many people have a favorite parent? We go through our Facebook question. A Jeopardy skit in real life.
00:41:19 7/12/2019
We take a listen to a new Ed Sheeran that both Steve and Ryan really enjoy. Kenny Chesney a new song out that was written by Ed Sheeran and we like it. Mason Ramsey appears on a new remix of Old Town Road and it is great. The entire soundtrack of The Lion King remake has been released and we listen to some of the hits. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: broadcast TV/movies. Steve trie to sell Jackie on Forwards Backwards. How to keep your kids busy during the summer.
00:41:47 7/12/2019
Jackie Cain from Channel 5 Eyewitness News is filling in for Donna today! We are getting her hyped for the State Fair. Jackie needs help with things to do around Lake Minnetonka. We learn the difference between dew points and heat. We do a coffee taste test with some fancy coffee. We need to know if a trainer was hitting on a client. Who do you look like that you wish you didn't? Do not travel with uranium with expired tabs. We do not like Bing.
00:00:00 7/12/2019

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