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6/11 Tues. Hr. 3: The Curse of James Bond, Talk To Your Kiddos, and Working Out Our Mistakes

We are convinced the new James Bond movie is cursed. There is going to be a Big Lebowski spin off movie. We love White Russians. Just talking to your kids can make them smarter. Confessions: How have screwed up on the job? A drive through procession. Back To The Future on Broadway. Jo Bro Classroom Instruments.

Donna & Steve
00:40:56 6/11/2019

Past Episodes

We go in deep on our make up preferences. Lady Gaga's new makeup line is already selling out. Kanye's got Crocs. What parents love to do most once the kids are back in school. An update on the college admissions scandal. We learn about bulldozer parents. Breaking Kevin Spacey related news. You can now turn anything into a bagel.
00:38:32 9/18/2019
Why is Dolly Parton so popular? There is a podcast that explains why. Celine Dion has released 3 new songs and we take a listen to them. Mariah Carey has released the theme song to the new show Mixed-ish and we love it. Roseanne is getting some work on her butt. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Reboots of 2019. The new dictionary words are here! Some people do not need to retire.
00:37:40 9/18/2019
Elizabeth Ries is in for Steve today! She gives us an update on her seemingly never ending kitchen remodel. Happy National Burger day! Aliens are definitely real. A fun fact about the song What's Up. HBO Max paid some serious money for The Big Bang Theory. Hannah W. from the You Get A Rose Podcast joins the show to recap this week of Bachelor in Paradise and the new Bachelor has been announced. People make money from their tongues now.
00:39:23 9/18/2019
Donna and Ryan watched Dancing With The Stars last night and give us the highlights. What are the biggest inconveniences out there? Confessions: What is something you are bad at? The best story about a college kid in need of beer. Giraffe gives birth at the Como Zoo.
00:39:51 9/17/2019
Mandy Moore has released her first song in over 10 years and we take a listen. More information on the death of Ric Ocasek. He was an avid doodler apparently. Steve had an emotional parenting experience last night. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Dancing With The Stars. We got our Ray Liotta. A new way to tip.
00:40:51 9/17/2019
Did Steve finish Avengers Endgame? Will he give is full review? Does he get his dollar? Donna is still working on Breaking Bad as well as her televisions. Take on Me is still one of the best music videos. Netflix is making a big move in buying rights to Seinfeld. Shane Gillis was fired from SNL before he even appeared on the show. Wendy Williams says Christie Brinkley faked breaking her arm.
00:38:35 9/17/2019
We go through a few thing we are simply not good at.
00:12:41 9/17/2019
Steve watched 1/3 of Avengers Endgame and gives 1/3 of a review. We place bets if he will finish his movie goal. What would people do for guacamole? Kelly Clarkson has a big American Idol reunion planned. Her runner up Justin Guarani has been busy too. Some of the best songs have very similar things about them. What is something you are really good at? A very interesting fact about the Eddie Money song Take Me Home Tonight.
00:38:54 9/16/2019
Remembering Ric Ocasek. Steve had another serendipitous moment with Strawberry Fields in New York. Ryan watched the Righteous Gemstones on HBO and gives his review. Donna checked out the Ken Burns documentary about country music on PBS and thinks it needs an editor. The College of Pop Culture Knowledge: Celebrities who have been arrested. Emotional support clowns. A whole bunch of tips coming your way.
00:38:37 9/16/2019
Donna did not realize how much football is on Sundays. People watch football differently now. Donna's TV situation is getting more and more complicated. Steve is going through a de-cluttering process. A baby born at an amazing time. What was a face off in hockey originally called? Do people plaster anymore? American Gladiators was so good it will never happen again. There are too many deer in Minnesota. Liam Hemsworth learned about his breakup on social media.
00:38:38 9/16/2019

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