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580: Seeking Relief from Your Unending Grief | Feedback Friday

Grieving the loss of a sibling while still finding your footing at a new job is making it impossible to perform optimally, and you're worried your employer -- while overwhelmingly supportive of your plight -- may be forced to let you go. Is there anything you can do to manage your grief and find a way forward before it comes to this? We'll try to help with this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • What can you do to manage the grief of losing your sibling and find a way forward before you're fired from your new job for subpar performance?
  • Your nephew made an escalating series of bad choices, and now he's serving hard time for the next few years. A recent letter indicates he's adjusted his attitude and wants to turn his life around. How can you be supportive while he waits to be released?
  • You work with a fellow salesperson who takes the spirit of friendly competition into the realm of petty high school rumormongering and character assassination. What can you do to keep your sanity while the boss gaslights the notion that this is even happening?
  • You overcame poverty and work in finance, so your boyfriend's nonchalance over $20,000 in credit card debt and fuzzy details about future income give you pause about your future together. But can his good qualities cast aside the red flags you're seeing?
  • Someone who once referred to you as one of his best friends has taken to completely blowing you off now that his girlfriend's moved to town. You've tried to connect a few times in the past few months only to be completely ghosted. This guy might not be the friend you thought he was, but it still puts a dent in your psyche. What can you do?
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