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578: Yeonmi Park | A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom Part One

Yeonmi Park (@YeonmiParkNK) is a North Korean defector and activist whose harrowing experiences are chronicled in her book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom. [This is part one of a two-part episode. Please stay tuned for the conclusion later this week!]

What We Discuss with Yeonmi Park:

  • Why there's a black market for poop in North Korea.
  • How the people of North Korea are kept isolated from the outside world to the extent that they use a different calendar, have never heard of Shakespeare, and don't even have words for "oppression" or "love."
  • How North Korea's guilt-by-association policy can carry punishment for people who are within several generations of someone perceived as offensive to the regime.
  • Why Yeonmi finds being on the North Korean regime's official kill list to be "liberating."
  • How long it might take to watch Titanic in a country that only turns on the electricity for State holidays (and the ultimate penalty for getting caught doing so).
  • And much more...

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