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573: David Buss | When Men Behave Badly

David Buss (@profdavidbuss) is considered the world’s leading scientific expert on the evolutionary psychology of human mating strategies. He is the author of several books on the subject, most recently When Men Behave Badly: The Hidden Roots of Sexual Deception, Harassment, and Assault.

What We Discuss with David Buss:

  • Why, from an evolutionary standpoint, the reproductive interests of males and females sometimes diverge.
  • Why metabolizing alcohol differently makes women more susceptible to an expectation of bonding (and how some men exploit this).
  • The Dark Triad traits that mark the men most likely to have short-term relationships and cheat.
  • How do women use active signaling to show they're more open to short-term relationships?
  • She's not playing hard to get. If she rejects you softly, it isn't an invitation to try harder -- it's a survival tactic meant to avoid prompting a violent reaction.
  • And much more...

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