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568: Sugar Daddy's Ambition is a Savory Transition | Feedback Friday

You're a bit embarrassed to say you went through a debaucherous sugar daddy phase, but your sweet tooth for the lifestyle turned sour and left you feeling empty. Now you're in a more confident headspace to pursue regular dating, but should you disclose this part of your life to a hypothetical significant other should things turn serious? We'll try to find a good answer (devoid of any candy coating) to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • After going through a sugar daddy phase, you're ready for regular dating. But should you disclose your past if a relationship gets serious?
  • Jordan. Jen. Jayden. Is the Harbinger family alliteration premeditated, or purely happenstance?
  • You were recently offered the position of Assistant Grand Master in your Masonic District -- a huge honor -- but what they don't know is you may have to move for a job offer you're pursuing. How do you break the news without offending your fellow Stonecutters?
  • Showers: is it best to take them in the morning or at night?
  • Your profession makes you highly visible in your cozy, rural community, so you're finding it hard to date online without stumbling across the profile of someone who would definitely recognize you. What are your options for keeping romance on the DL without driving 250 miles outside of town? [Thanks to clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Margolis for helping us with this one!]
  • As a novice, what's the best way to start building your podcast?
  • What happens to the Feedback Friday questions that don’t make it on the show?
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