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565: My Manipulative Sister: How Can We Resist Her? | Feedback Friday

You have a manipulative half-sister who disrespects your father by referring to him as "bio-dad" and ghosts him when it suits her, but never hesitates to contact him when she needs money. Your attempts to salvage a relationship with her always go unanswered, yet your father believes she should still be invited to your wedding next year. Should you cut her out of your life for good, or try to make nice with her again for your dad's sake? We'll tackle this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Should you delay career training or investing in yourself because it will take "too long?"
  • Should you cut the half-sister who manipulates your family out of your life, or should you keep trying to build a relationship with her for your father's sake?
  • To an outside observer, you appear to have a perfect life. But here's the secret you haven't told anyone: you're a high-functioning alcoholic. How do you even start dealing with this?
  • Marrying a successful businessperson will allow you to retire from a job you don't really want and pursue your own interests. But you've spent your whole life working multiple jobs to get by and you're frozen by the overwhelming possibilities ahead of you. How can you be sure you're spending all of this "free" time wisely and with purpose?
  • You're invited to be in a groomsman party with a contractor who stiffed you on a job. How can you conceal or eliminate your resentment so everyone can have a good time, and how do you deal with this person at the bachelor party and wedding?
  • You learn best by being hands-on and watching others, but your new job is 100 percent remote until the pandemic is better contained. How can you learn, improve, and stay focused in this role when you're working from home?
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