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559: How to Say Yes to Post-Traumatic Success | Feedback Friday

How do you find your way back to high achievement when coping with the aftermath of extreme trauma keeps you low? We'll try to find an answer to this and more here on Feedback Friday! We'll try to find an answer to this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • How do you find your way back to the hallowed halls of high achievement when the trauma you're trying to work through is doing its best to keep you low? [Thanks to clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Margolis for helping us with this one!]
  • How do you break off a friendship with someone who's way more into it than you are without hurting their feelings? [Many thanks to From Start-Up to Grown-Up author Alisa Cohn for helping us answer this!]
  • How can you get your lyin' and cheatin' ex-spouse to change their no-good behavior for the sake of your angelic offspring?
  • You recently finished the novel you've been working on for five years and discovered along the way that writing it was a process you enjoyed far more than your day job. Should you dive in and become a full-time, professional writer, or just keep at it as an inspiring hobby?
  • Your mom has been diagnosed as seriously mentally ill (SMI) and in treatment for half your life. Her psychiatrist of the past 17 years doesn't seem to be doing much to help -- in fact, her behavior's only gotten worse. As her medical power of attorney, you're considering a court order for a new mental health evaluation, but she lives in another state and you don't know where to begin. What can you do? [Once again, thanks to Corbin Payne (aka C-Payne) for helping us with this one!]
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