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554: Laurie Santos | Practical Lessons from The Happiness Lab

Laurie Santos (@lauriesantos) is a professor of psychology at Yale University, instructor of Coursera's The Science of Well-Being course (adapted from her popular Psychology and the Good Life course at Yale), and host of The Happiness Lab podcast.

What We Discuss with Laurie Santos:

  • Happiness is actually a set of skills we can learn and master as opposed to some ideal state of being.
  • While there's no denying that genetics and circumstances play a role in happiness, the good news is that we're in control of developing the mindset and behavior to mobilize it.
  • The mechanisms by which people become happy (or miserable), and some tools we can use to to hack our own happiness.
  • The bad news: we outgrow the rush of the happiest days of our lives; the good news: we outgrow the anguish from the worst days of our lives.
  • Why Olympic bronze medalists are often happier than silver medalists.
  • And much more...

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