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547: Stopping a Swami from Swindling Our Mommy | Feedback Friday

When your stepfather passed away and your mother posted about it on Facebook, an old friend -- a self-described "swami" who claims to be psychically linked to her -- called to reconnect. Now, he seems to be taking advantage of her grief and loneliness to get closer, and based on a number of his wild, unlikely claims, you're worried that his end game may be less than altruistic. What can you do to stop this "swami" from swindling your mommy? We'll tackle this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • You worry that your mom's "swami" friend may be trying to take advantage of her grief and vulnerability since your stepfather's recent passing. How can you keep her safe from his less-than-altruistic intentions?
  • You squandered a financial windfall in college on partying and substance abuse, which led to hurting a large number of friends and family along the way. Now you've been sober for years and you want to recover these relationships, but it's clear from attempts to reach out that many of the people you left behind are content to leave those bridges burned. What can you do to move on and let things go?
  • Your brother, who died by suicide, should be remembered for how he lived his life rather than just how it was ended. You want to start a foundation in his name to help your community learn skills as he loved doing, but where do you begin?
  • You worked hard to advance in your career, but a recent merger no longer allows you to work from home and care for your daughter. As a result, you've decided to quit and become a stay-at-home dad, but you eventually want to return to the workforce. How can you network and stay relevant during this time away and ensure your time is spent as productively as possible?
  • You worry that your tendency to procrastinate could cost you your dream job. How can you stop putting things off and causing yourself unnecessary stress and exhaustion?
  • Documentary of the Week: The Dissident
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