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541: Spare the Pity Party; My Life is Just Restarting | Feedback Friday

Four years ago, you lost your spouse and child in a tragic car crash that you barely survived. Now, with a supportive partner and a toddler by your side, you're determined to move on with your life. Unfortunately, it's hard to meet new people who can see past what you've endured without pitying you. How can you truly enter your next chapter when well-meaning but oversympathizing strangers keep reminding you of your last one? We'll try to get to the bottom of this and more here on Feedback Friday!

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Trying to move on from the loss of your family in a car accident years ago is difficult when everyone new you meet wants to throw you a pity party. How can you become more than the suffering sum of your tragic past's parts?
  • You and your fiancé called it quits when she had a hallucinatory episode, wound up in the hospital, and came out with a bipolar disorder diagnosis. But you've each spent the past year coming to terms with who you are and you've considered getting back together. Could this work, or should you consider it a relationship that's sailed?
  • A company hired you for one thing, then it turned out they needed you for something else, and their needs aren’t in alignment with your interests. Should you express your dissatisfaction to your boss, hope your next project is more to your liking, or just start looking for a new job?
  • You've discovered that the work you love to do isn't the same as the subject you loved learning about at university. Should you feel guilty or ashamed for not using your master's degree, even though you absolutely adore your current, but completely unrelated position?
  • How do you invite your parents' best friends to your wedding without them bringing their disruptive, social misfit adult child?
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