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531: Bob Arno | Schooled by the Professor of Pickpocketry Part Two

Bob Arno is a comedy pickpocket and criminologist specializing in global street crime, is the co-author of Travel Advisory: How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling, and was featured in National Geographic's Pickpocket King documentary. [This is part two of a two-part episode. Make sure to catch part one here!]

What We Discuss with Bob Arno:

  • How Bob, the son of a judge, got involved in social engineering and pickpocketing for the purpose of entertainment.
  • Why pickpockets are commonly targeted by terrorist organizations for radicalization efforts.
  • How diversionary crime like pickpocketing has changed just like every other profession during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • How Bob is able to get close to real-life criminal pickpockets and learn their tricks of the trade without winding up in the hospital -- or worse.
  • The psychology of a pickpocket -- what they're looking for in an ideal victim and what you can do to ensure you're not that victim.
  • And much more...

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