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It's Lori & Julia's Book Club, as heard on myTalk 107.1 radio! These best friends turned sisters-in-law do in-depth author interviews and give recommendations for everything from non-fiction to psychological thrillers. You can't fail out of this book club. Stick with Lori & Julia and you'll never go without a good book again!

Lori & Julia's Book Club
00:00:00 5/17/2019

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From the NY Times best-selling author of In a Dark, Dark Wood & The Woman in Cabin 10 comes Ruth Ware's 5th book. A child is dead, Rowan is in prison and her story is told as flashbacks to a lawyer she is begging to take her case. Part thriller, part revenge and part ghost story with a poignancy that underlies Rowan's storytelling. Also, like all of Ruth's books, she always saves the best for the last page!
00:00:00 9/12/2019
4 stars
00:21:00 9/5/2019
The thriller of 2019! This author has a Cinderella story and the book has been optioned by Paramount Pictures. To quote the author Don Winslow "this book is Jaws for parents." And it is that as well as original, clever, empowering and twisty! Trust us when we say that you have never read anything like this book. 5 stars
00:00:00 8/20/2019
Fiona Davis has captured the hearts of readers with the way she brings life to New York City landmarks through compelling historical fiction. Setting her sights on the Chelsea Hotel, she delves into the world of theater. The story centers around two friends, Hazel and Maxine. The two meet in Naples, Italy in an USO troupe entertainment troupe. After the war, Hazel becomes a budding playwright and Maxine a famous actress.. They unite to put on Hazel's first play on Broadway when the charge of Communism and McCarthy investigation impacts their lives. As the two women wrestle with wartime memories, fractured friendship, love, and trust, readers will find themselves immersed. It is also a reminder of what happens to people who are persecuted for their speech or opinion.
00:00:00 8/15/2019
This is a story about a blue-blood 85 yr old grandmother (the rich & famous Genieveve London) who hasn't spoken to her granddaughter Emma in 17 years. In what she deems is the last summer of her life, she reaches out to Emma and convinces her to return home for the summer so they can make amends and she can also know her great granddaughter, Riley who is 15. Moving and funny as well as exploring some deeply affecting topics (the loss of a child, estrangement, ageism), we highly recommend this book, this author!
00:00:00 8/13/2019
It is hard to explain this book without sounding a little kooky but if you read the book "Helter Skelter", what you think you know about the Manson murders may be wrong. This book is a result of 20 years of exhaustive research and investigative reporting. What becomes crystal clear to the author over time is that much of what we accept as fact in the best- selling crime novel of all time - is fiction. Not the who did it but the motive of why did these murders happen. What was the real relationship between Manson & Terry Melcher (Doris Day's son)? Why was law enforcement so lax with Manson (who was on parole) over multiple arrests? What was story with Dennis Wilson (Beach Boys) and Manson. Why were so many Hollywood and music people suspicious of Manson immediately after the Manson murders yet "no one knew him". Fascinating book.
00:00:00 8/7/2019
Read it before you watch it! This fast paced psychological thriller about deception, dating and so much more has been optioned by Eva Longoria for a TV series. The story is about a woman who goes missing after a first date with a man she meets online. The timeline shifts back and forth between the actual date and the days after the date. Also interesting, the insight into repressed trauma and how it affects you later in life - no matter how much you think you are not thinking about it. We did not see the end coming! 4 stars
00:00:00 7/30/2019
A meticulous history of New York's iconic hotel, The Plaza Hotel. Just the name alone evokes images of "Eloise" and iconic movie scenes (Home Alone, North by Northwest to name just two,) the Palm Court, Capote's famous Black & White Ball and many famous people. All of this is explored as well as the interesting ownership history, the scandals and the scams that happened at a fabulous hotel (that has always been a place where dogs are always welcome!).
00:00:00 7/24/2019
Set in St. Paul between 1946 and Nov 1965, the novel follows the lives of 2 sisters, Eliza and Shannon Malone who are Irish "twins" and their close bond despite their different personalities. At 17 and 18, something traumatic happens to each sister that shapes the rest of their lives. This book covers realities and insights about motherhood, sisterhood, the stigma of the times for unwed mothers, illegitimate children and childless women. Weaved into the story, we also learn about a real life hero - Frances Perkins. The first woman appointed to the U.S. Cabinet during FDR's presidency - she was a central figure to the New deal legislation including minimum wage laws, social security, unemployment compensation and child labor laws. This novel was inspired by Susan's own experience (she spent the first days of her life in 1962 in the St. Paul Catholic Infants Home for unwed mothers & their babies and did not find out she was adopted until she was 46 years old).
00:00:00 7/23/2019

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