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Weekly Dish's "Second Helping" is live from the new food preview at Valleyfair complete with Hot Cheeto Pickle Dogs.

Weekly Dish on MyTalk
00:15:13 5/15/2019

Past Episodes

00:00:00 8/19/2019
Steph March is joined by Meredith Deeds, and Meredith shares where to eat when in Boston, produce is peak at the Farmers Markets, what to cook for the rest of the summer, and Steph and Maredith take you foodie questions.
00:44:00 8/17/2019
Steph March and Meredith Deeds share their favorite things in Top Two, how do other State Fairs compare, The Food That Built America, and grate your tomatoes and garlic.
00:46:00 8/17/2019
From Sen Ya Sen Lek in NE Minneapolis the girls talk about an article that presents 5 ideas for restaurants to help change the future of the industry.
00:00:00 8/14/2019
00:00:00 8/12/2019
Steph and Molly share their favorites in Top Two, Steph has a cooking project, Fall cookbooks to get excited for, and your local, foodie events.
00:39:00 8/10/2019
Steph March and Molly Herrmann share what they have been eating this week, fast food chains and restaurant news, tips on how to get into the busiest restaurants, and Steph and Molly answer your foodie questions.
00:47:00 8/10/2019
What are the top trends in the craft beer industry and will we be seeing some of these trends at the Minnesota State Fair?
00:00:00 8/6/2019
The Stephs share their favorites in Top Two, Special Guest Jerry calls-in to talk Garlic Festival, MN State Fair Beers and worst beer trends right now, and the Moral of the Story.
00:44:00 8/3/2019
The Stephs share all the delicious foods they have been eating this week, Special Guest Kieran Folliard joins the show, week of the arts, and the Stephs answer your foodie questions about food chains, bundt cakes, and restaurant recommendation for wedding anniversary.
00:45:00 8/3/2019

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