Jason & Alexis

Ken Barlow's forecast is "Interesting", Dawn is Volunteering with Little Brothers friends of the Elderly; The Timberwolves play their last game, and Angel is getting us pumped up for tonight.

Jason & Alexis
00:00:00 4/11/2018

Past Episodes

Dating at Any Age; Dirt Alert with Dawn; VHS admissions
00:44:06 2/21/2019
Pink's new song Walk With Me; Second Chance Romance
00:42:25 2/21/2019
Jussie Smollett turned himself in. Meat raffle questions; Fun Facts; new Serial Documentary on HBO
00:41:51 2/21/2019
New pods; Dawn had to be towed out of the snow; Pooch Patch; Naughty Nail Salon
00:21:12 2/21/2019
Selena and Aaron met online and went one date. She told us he left 45 minutes into the date, but she thought it went great. But she hasn't heard from him. Why? We asked him.
00:00:00 2/20/2019
Alexis denies Jason to hang out; Waxing endorsements for Alexis 1/2 wax ; Birthday Prank with Dawn; Falcon Sex Hat
00:42:25 2/20/2019
Gaga Called Off Engagement ; Miranda Lambert's new husband; Calvin Klein models; Goop Price is Right Haircuts on Men
00:40:43 2/20/2019
Snomageddon 2019; Waxing 1/2 and 1/2 endorsements
00:21:00 2/20/2019
Alexis reads sticks; Dawn has the dirt alert about Captain Marvel haters; Mind Melding; Alexis' new endorsement for Waxing: TJ Waxx
00:43:10 2/19/2019
Waxing adventures with Alexis; Dirt alert with Elizabeth; Bachelor talk with Marley
00:43:23 2/19/2019

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