Everyday Driver

345:The B-Sides, The Bar Fight, Begin Dreaming

There are many great cars, but there's also simply good ones that don't always get a recommendation or mention. The guys discuss some alternatives to their favorite segments that might not stand out quite as much, but appeal more to different buyers. They debate whether or not Dustin M. in Oakland bought a good car, and ultimately, should he defend his purchase and upgrade it, or cave in and buy something else? Social media questions cover subjects like the permission to test drive, the tricky Elise clamshell, and will American companies ever again build a RWD enthusiast sedan? Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes, the Everyday Driver show on IMDB and Amazon Prime Video, and write to us with your Topic Tuesday discussions and podcast debates at everydaydrivertv@gmail.com or everydaydriver.com. Thanks for listening and tell a friend!

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