Macho Man Hunter McIntyre is joining us to talk CrossFit Open, Fitness, racing for time, lifting moderately heavy things and humor!!

01:43:10 3/6/2018

Past Episodes

We welcome Senior Director of Performance for Nike, Ryan Flaherty to the show!! Ryan has dedicated his time & career to understanding the common denominators of elite performance. His research & commitment have lead him to identify key factors of human performance, allowing him to work with many of the worlds best. Before starting with Nike, Ryan was the founder of prolific athletes, a sports performance facility in san diego, california, where he trained athletes including: Serena Williams, Russell Wilson, and hundreds of other professional athletes.
02:09:09 3/20/2018
Our guest Lacie Mackey, the Co-founder of Caveman Coffee Co, Black Ops Productions and Cast Trainer.
01:57:22 3/13/2018
Macho Man Hunter McIntyre is joining us to talk CrossFit Open, Fitness, racing for time, lifting moderately heavy things and humor!!
01:41:19 3/6/2018
Nathan Gagnon is a Top 10 listener who last year left his safe, respectable, and joyless job in a cubicle to become a full time fitness coach and trainer at Invictus Boston. Nate is also an adaptive athlete, with a condition called Erb's Palsy which is caused by an injury to the brachial plexus nerve center at birth. Nate is also an alcoholic in long term recovery, who has used fitness as channel to overcome adversity.
01:27:39 2/27/2018
Today is the 6 YEAR Anniversary of the WODcast Podcast!! 6 years and 315 shows! Today Eddie, Armen, & Scott are recording a super special anniversary show.
01:36:51 2/20/2018
we are welcoming back Nutrition Coach Matt Walrath back on the show! Just in time to get your CrossFit Open nutrition dialed in! Matt has been doing Acro yoga, parkour, traveling, and flipping on beaches... lots to catch up on!
01:18:47 2/13/2018
on this episode Armen and Eddie take a stroll down memory lane. 
01:11:16 2/6/2018
Dr. Jason Wersland is a chiropractor and the founder/inventor of the Theragun treatment device. He works with many pro athletes, including crossfitters and members of the special forces to help them recover faster and better from training and injury. 
01:33:10 1/30/2018
The controvocative Rodrigo Ortiz, the man behind Funning, is our guest this week.
01:15:44 1/23/2018
Lauren Pappas is the world's fittest DJ. When she's on the wheels of steel, her fitness makes her stand out and keep the party going! She is now one of the most requested DJ's in the industry
01:31:55 1/16/2018

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