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For this week's milestone podcast, producer Michael O'Connell brings back Amy Webb from The Future Today Institute, to talk about her vision for tools that would help media outlets gain trust with "radical transparency" in the shape of a badge verifying the pedigree of an article. 

00:42:59 4/11/2018

Past Episodes

It's All Journalism producers Michael O'Connell and Amelia Brust talk to Bro Krift and Brian Lyman of the Montgomery Advertiser. Inspired by the opening of The National Memorial for Peace and Justice earlier this year, the newspaper examined its role in perpetuating racism and racial segregation during the Jim Crow era.
00:28:21 9/19/2018
Magda Konieczna, an assistant professor at Temple University's Klein College of Media and Communications, joins Michael O'Connell to discuss the importance of journalism to democracy and how nonprofit models could help fill the gaps in local news coverage left by diminishing newsrooms.
00:26:36 9/12/2018
Lisa Khoury, a freelance reporter/producer based in Buffalo, joined producer Michael O'Connell to recount her decision to move to Lebanon for eight months in search of an investigative story, the saga of Syrian child brides and the struggle to get their story published. 
00:44:13 9/5/2018
 Andrea Wenzel, an associate professor at Temple University and a fellow at the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, joins producer Michael O'Connell to provide an update on her award-winning work on researching community journalism needs in Kentucky and how her team is expanding its efforts in two areas of Philadelphia. 
00:32:37 8/29/2018
Brad Mielke, host of ABC News' new podcast, Start Here, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss the months-long process of developing a program that utilizes the best resources of a trusted and well-established news organization to keep listeners informed with headlines and analysis in a slightly different way. 
00:28:37 8/22/2018
Lee Uehara of The House of Lee NYC podcast joins producer Michael O'Connell this week to discuss the inherent wisdom that comes from walking around on the planet and living your life, the importance of picking up a phone to fact check and why journalistic standards are essential for podcasts. 
00:28:19 8/15/2018
On this week's It's All Journalism, producer Michael O'Connell talks to Jason Fraley, the entertainment editor at WTOP Radio in Washington, D.C., about the Best Movies of All Time list he's created. The multimedia project includes videos, an interactive blog and a breakdown of 750 great movies into 30 unique categories.
00:39:38 8/8/2018
Frank LoMonte, director of the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information at the University of Florida, joins producer Michael O'Connell to take a look at the role public records play in advancing public policy and why this is an "opportune" moment for the general population to support journalists' fight for transparency.  It's All Journalism is a weekly podcast about digital journalism. Find out all the latest news about our podcast by signing up for our weekly email newsletter.
00:14:36 8/1/2018
Emily Ristow, social media and mobile editor for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss the straightforward approach her team applied to expanding their social media reach, developing a strategy based on good old-fashioned research. It's All Journalism is a weekly podcast about digital journalism. Get the latest news by signing up for our weekly email newsletter.
00:27:14 7/25/2018
Producer Michael O'Connell talks with Andrea Hart, co-founder and director of community engagement at City Bureau, about the importance of local coverage and an inventive way to bring better representation and authenticity to not only the stories being told but empowering the people telling them. It's All Journalism is a weekly podcast about digital journalism. Find out all the latest news about our podcast by signing up for our weekly email newsletter.
00:33:25 7/18/2018

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