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For this week's milestone podcast, producer Michael O'Connell brings back Amy Webb from The Future Today Institute, to talk about her vision for tools that would help media outlets gain trust with "radical transparency" in the shape of a badge verifying the pedigree of an article. 

It's All Journalism
00:42:59 4/11/2018

Past Episodes

Alli Torban , a data visualization designer and host of the Data Viz Today podcast, joins producer Michael O'Connell to explain how her love of maps changed her career and why podcasts made more sense than YouTube for exploring a very visual concept.
00:29:44 12/12/2018
On this week's It's All Journalism podcast, Producer Michael O'Connell talks to Dana Coester, a professor at the Reed College of Media at West Virginia University, who recently published a study for the American Press Institute about how some publications are redesigning their newsrooms to make them more collaborative and positive work spaces.
00:35:43 12/5/2018
Rob Wijnberg, a founding co-editor of The Correspondent, explains to producer Michael O'Connell how a crowdfunded news outlet that cares more about diving deep than following the headlines is preparing to take on the United States after five years of success in Europe. 
00:00:00 11/28/2018
Journalists are dedicated to telling the truth, but whose? Stephanie Lepp, an independent artist and host of the Reckonings podcast, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss the difference between telling the truth and telling a broader, varied truth and why one truth won't cover the whole story. 
00:31:07 11/21/2018
It's the age-old question: We listen, but how well do we hear? Cole Goins, a journalist, facilitator and media consultant with the American Press Institute, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss how expanding and deepening listening practices can help journalists build trust and improve their coverage in communities that are questioning the processes reporters use to tell their stories. 
00:28:38 11/14/2018
Charlie Specht, an investigative reporter with WKBW in Buffalo, joins producers Michael O'Connell and Amelia Brust to discuss his months-long work investigating accusations of sexual abuse of children and young men by priests in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.
00:26:10 11/7/2018
On this week's It's All Journalism podcast, host Michael O'Connell talks to Kristy Parker, legal counsel for the Protect Democracy Project, about the lawsuit her organization, PEN America and the Yale School Media Freedom and Information Access Clinic recently filed against President Donald Trump. They discuss why the three organizations think the president's actions are not just out of the norm, but violations of the First Amendment.
00:25:43 10/31/2018
Hard to believe it's been 10 years since the housing bubble burst, sending the stock market into a tailspin. Lisa Rowan, a senior writer and on-air analyst with The Penny Hoarder, and Alex Mahadevan, a data journalist at The Penny Hoarder, discuss their publication's major project The American Nightmare: 10 Years Later with producer Michael O'Connell, detailing how readers were willing to open up about a dark time in their lives and what they've found has changed in the years following. 
00:32:07 10/24/2018
Gwen Vargo, director of reader revenue with the American Press Institute, joins producer Michael O'Connell to discuss the finer points of how to get readers to first click on the articles reporters spend so much time creating, and then to take it a step further and get them to subscribe. 
00:31:41 10/17/2018
On this week's It's All Journalism, Producer Michael O'Connell talks to publisher Norma Porter about the relaunch of Black Dance Magazine, which tells the stories of dancers of color. Porter is running a GoFundMe fundraiser for the magazine, which will relaunch in January.
00:41:23 10/10/2018

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