Weekly Dish on MyTalk

The Stephs head up to Cambridge for a chat with chef Erick Harcey about his small town restaurant, Willard's.

Weekly Dish on MyTalk
00:42:18 3/27/2019

Past Episodes

Steph and Elizabeth share their favorites in Top Two, Pot luck dishes that are real winners, Guest Eliesa Johnson chats Peach Truck Cookbook, and what to make for Father's Day.
00:43:00 6/15/2019
Steph March and Elizabeth Ries share the yummy foods they have been eating, Guest Ellen Burkhardt from the Growler talks about blind beer tasting event, Steph and Elizabeth talk about an opinion piece about wellness, and take your foodie questions.
00:43:00 6/15/2019
Stephanie March and Elizabeth Ries talk garden update, emotional benefits of cooking, making burgers at home, and Steph and Elizabeth take your foodie questions.
00:43:00 6/8/2019
Steph and Elizabeth share their favorites in Top Two, porch and oven-less cooking, summer cocktails, and local foodie events.
00:42:00 6/8/2019
Smarch talks to the gang at Pajarito about the modern view of tequila, and how to pick the right barrel for their bar.
00:22:29 6/6/2019
Steph March and Meredith Deeds share their Top Two things they are loving this week in Hour Two. Parlour apology, Flying Dutchman, Heirloom Liqueurs and homemade yogurt.
00:13:00 6/4/2019
Steph March and Meredith Deeds share their favorite things, so much summer festing this weekend, Guest Peter Glitzer from Milk & Honey calls in to chat Cider Fest, and moral of the story.
00:45:00 6/1/2019
Steph March is joined in studio with Meredith Deeds, while Steph Hansen is traveling in Europe. Steph and Meredith share rhubarb recipe ideas, give summer entertaining tips, and take your foodie questions.
00:42:00 6/1/2019
The Second Helping of Weekly Dish is about herbs and cocktails. What herbs can you use in your cocktails? What combinations are good from the garden to have in your cocktails.
00:24:03 5/29/2019

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