Dishing Up Nutrition

Two nutritionists are sharing five simple, and surprising, everyday habits that can unwittingly put weight on and habits you can adopt to lose weight.

Dishing Up Nutrition
00:44:00 3/9/2019

Past Episodes

Melanie, a Nutritional Weight & Wellness dietitian shares the role food played during her personal journey through the discovery of her cancer to her recovery. Listen in as she shares what foods (and supplements) she's careful to include now in cancer remission and which foods she's sure to avoid. This episode is applicable for anyone who wants to prevent cancer in addition to anyone going through chemotherapy and radiation.
00:43:00 5/18/2019
May is mental health month and currently 1 in 5 people struggle with a mental health or addiction issue. Today we are going to talk about how what you eat can have either a positive or negative effect on your mental health. We have a special guest who will share her journey of how she used food as her main "antidepressant."
00:00:00 5/11/2019
During nutritional consultations or when we are teaching nutrition classes, we are constantly telling people to drink water for better health. In today's Dishing Up Nutrition, we have invited Dr. Paul Westby to join us to help you understand WHY drinking water is so important for weight loss, beautiful skin and good brain function.
00:00:00 5/4/2019
Using 40+ years of knowledge, research-based education and personal experience with hundreds of clients, our nutritionists and supplement expert Greg Peterson, are talking supplements. How much is too much, what helps with gallbladder support, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression and much more.
00:44:00 4/27/2019
We're told how to eat to lose weight, keep your heart healthy ... but are we ever told to eat better to build strong bones? It's not a common conversation, but it's critically important. Listen in to learn what foods build strong bones and just as importantly, what foods deplete bones of key minerals. Don't wait to protect your bones until it's too late, start today!
00:45:00 4/20/2019
The nutritionist from Nutritional Weight & Wellness share solutions on how to control cravings to help with weight loss.
00:42:00 4/13/2019
Anti-aging for most people means keeping wrinkles at bay, but we're taking it further, with how foods can impact not just those wrinkles, but also feed the brain it needs to maintain a good memory and positive moods as we age. Keep your zest and age gracefully, listen in!
00:00:00 4/6/2019
Over 1 million people go to their doctor every year suffering from extreme fatigue. Fatigue may be the result of medical problems (listen in to learn which), but for the majority of people, it is usually the result of poor nutrition and a lack of quality sleep. Listen in for practical solutions to put into practice to finally feel rested and with a zest to take on your day.
00:44:00 3/30/2019
Our distinguished guest, Michael Lewis, MD, MPH, MBA, FACPM, Colonel (Retired), U.S. Army, started a non-profit center (BrainCARE*Concussion*Assessment*Recovery*Education, ) to help people recover from concussions. He has worked extensively with military personnel on this issue, as well as with athletes and with the general public.
00:44:00 3/23/2019
The nutritionist from Nutritional Weight and Wellness ask you what are your muscle cramps telling you? Muscle cramps can be linked to a mineral deficiency.
00:46:00 3/16/2019

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