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235: David Roeske | The View from the Top Is Breathtaking

David Roeske (@roeske) is a plant-powered portfolio manager, pilot, runner, and the fourth person in the world to summit Mount Everest and another 8,000-meter peak in one trip without supplemental oxygen.

What We Discuss with David Roeske:

  • How many calories does an Everest climber burn per day on average?
  • What's the difference between a porter and a sherpa?
  • How does David live a life balanced between investment, climbing, flying, and running?
  • Why do people often die trying to ascend Everest -- even while surrounded by dozens of fellow climbers -- and what are the risks of trying to rescue someone in peril on the slopes of the world's tallest mountain?
  • Why does David only count the times he's summited Everest without bottled oxygen?
  • And much more...

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