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221: How to Meet the Parents Without a Meltdown | Feedback Friday

You and your significant other of six months planned on using your parents' vacation home for a romantic weekend getaway together, but now your parents have decided to join you. The problem: your parents and significant other haven't met yet. You're confident they'll get along great, but you want to make sure you set up the occasion for the best chance of success. Here's our take on how your significant other can meet the parents without a meltdown.

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • What's the right way to introduce your significant other to the parents when you'll unexpectedly be vacationing together soon?
  • After basically being raised by wolves, how can you build a healthy cleaning schedule or routine? Is it just about learning how to establish new habits?
  • Your best friend's ex-girl didn't used to be yours, but you'd like it if she could be. What are the pros and cons of exploring the possibility?
  • You have no interest in having kids, so when is the right time to bring it up in the dating cycle so you're not wasting anyone's time or being presumptuous?
  • How might Jordan calculate the way he asks a guest questions during an interview to prompt answers that haven't been given on a dozen other podcasts?
  • Matt Gallant from BiOptimizers gives us some straight talk about the way different probiotics affect (or in most cases, don't affect) gut health.
  • While your grandmother has an undiagnosed mental disability and caring for her is taking its toll on your mother, she doesn't qualify for the local nursing home. What are your options?
  • Life Pro Tip: When arguing, try restating the main points of the other person's argument back to them and have them do the same with you.
  • Recommendation of the Week: They Come for Us at Night: Inside China's Hidden War on Uighurs by Isobel Yeung, Vice
  • A quick shoutout to Mario Scian from Denmark!
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