208. Feet Held to the Fire, Accountability and The Election

Todd and Julie talk about what fed their souls this week. Todd tells a story about the importance of praying with your children. They discuss how God gives you what you need and how their life feels like they are "driving through the valley" but it is not the end of the story. They discuss the election results and the state of the country. They also answer listener voicemails dealing with raising kids properly and Todd's future music plans. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Nutrafol: You can grow thicker, healthier hair AND support our show by going to Nutrafol.com and entering the promo code CC to save $15 off your first month's subscription. Chime: So start your credit journey with Chime. Sign up takes only two minutes and doesn't affect your credit score. Get started at chime.com/chrisley

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