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200: How to Deal with Retroactive Jealousy | Feedback Friday

You're having issues with retroactive jealousy regarding your significant other's past. You've tried to find resources to help you cope with this, but most of what's you've found feels gimmicky with little to no real information or exercises aimed at helping you overcome these feelings. In this Feedback Friday, we'll try to lend a helping hand.

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On This Week's Feedback Friday, We Discuss:

  • Your parents are first cousins, and it's a secret not many know -- including your significant other with whom you're building a life. Are you obligated to share this?
  • Creeps offering to rub your realtor girlfriend's feet for $500 isn't the side hustle she was hoping for; how do you ensure she's safe when meeting clients in empty houses?
  • You love your job, but you don't love the corporate culture and lengthy commute. When is the right time or the wrong time to trade one company for another?
  • How do you go about asking for the raise you know you deserve (especially as more tasks are being assigned your way) without jeopardizing your current position?
  • You've been using our free Six-Minute Networking course, but have a few questions about some of the details. We're here to help!
  • Is Better Help cheaper than in-office therapists, and is it covered by traditional work health options? How do you evaluate it from a budget priority standpoint?
  • You're trying to prove your value during your company's review period, but one of your overseers seems closed-minded to your process. What's your best move forward?
  • Even though you don't consider yourself possessive, you have intense bouts of retroactive jealousy regarding your partner's not-that-sordid past. How do you move past it?
  • Pro Tip of the Week: Instead of saying 'my ex,' say 'a guy/girl I dated.' 'My ex' insinuates that person is still a part of your life.
  • Recommendation of the Week: Chernobyl on HBO
  • A quick shoutout to Liam from the UK!
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