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2-17-19: The Night Olivia Fell, new novel offers great discussion topics,

Christina McDonald is a journalist and author originally from our Puget Sound area, but now living in England--a very interesting story. Christina has a passion for writing which comes through strong and clear in her first adult published novel: The Night Olivia Fell. This thriller offers so many topics for good, deep conversation--mother-daughter relationships, truth, honesty, the teen years, life and death. Christina provides a guide for Book Club groups. And she's written and self published a series of children's books inspired by her own kiddos.

Inspirational Women
00:31:50 2/17/2019

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MC Fox is a first time author. Her book--Countdown America, is a thriller that contains cyber espionage, Russian scandals, has strong women in powerful positions....and it's really quite interesting as this conversation follows Hu Dalconzo speaking about the role of women, and feminine energy in our world today. Professionally Marcie Fox is an accountant--being practical she knew she needed a career to support her on the journey. But writing has always been a passion, so she has progressed well on her path. This is a great, page-turning read--an exciting summer read!
00:30:08 5/19/2019
Sarah Slack is the founder of The TEARS Foundation. This beautiful nonprofit organization came about because 18 years ago Sarah lost her baby boy--he was stillborn. Sarah is honest about her painful grief journey and she has made it have a beautiful meaning and is doing so much to help other families in similar difficult circumstances. The TEARS Foundation continues to grow and evolve and is now in various communities in the US and is also international. It provides both emotional and financial support around burial and memorial needs.
00:31:20 5/10/2019
Give Big 2019!! This week Nancy Long Executive Director of 501 Commons, the new owner of Give Big, and Clare Petersky, Executive Director of Wallingford Senior Community Center give us an inside look at the work that they do. And it truly is BIG, and shows the collaboration we have with each other to provide critical and important support to over 1500 nonprofit organizations in our area. We can now support organizations across the state, even international ones that are based here. Every dollar makes a difference. No gift is too small! Wednesday May 8!!
00:30:49 5/5/2019
Jessi Roberts is the founder of Cheekys, a unique and popular boutique that is so much more than a boutique. Jessi has a heart to help women empower themselves, realize their dreams. Jessi shares some insights of both creating a million dollar business in a tiny Idaho town, and creating a vibrant community of women and families. Jessi Roberts has written about her experiences...clearly and this part memoir, part inspirational book: Backroads Boss Lady--Happiness Ain't a Side Hustle--Straight Talk on Creating the Life you Deserve.
00:31:20 4/28/2019
Dr. Darcy Broughton is an obstetrician and gynecologist, specializing in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Pacific NW Fertility, in Seattle. April 12th-27th is National Infertility Awareness Week. 1 in 8 couples has a challenge with becoming pregnant, over 7 million women in the US have received infertility care. This is a medical diagnosis, so it's critically important to inform and spread the word.
00:32:02 4/21/2019
Rosemary Lombardy has 35 years experience as a financial advisor. Using this professional experience, along with her personal experience of surviving domestic abuse, and drawing on the stories of other women in similar circumstance, Rosemary has written an important and empowering book, Breaking Bonds: How to Divorce an Abuser and Heal--A Survival Guide. Rosemary provides lists and details about subjects such as getting a restraining order, 21 Essential items to pack in a to-go bag. And at the end of her book she also addresses 'forgiveness' of oneself, as well as the abuse--in order to move forward strongly.
00:31:23 4/14/2019
Captain Lisa Barnes is a pastor with the Salvation Army at White Center and is deeply committed to social justice work, to bringing love to those most in need (which maybe is all of us). Lisa brought a girls' empowerment program "Brave" to Seattle, a program to help girls in foster care, ages 12-18. The statistics are staggering. Around 70% of these vulnerable young women can find themselves in the sex trafficking trade, homeless, or losing their life. One day, Saturday, May 18 gives them an opportunity to see themselves differently, see their value, their beauty. It is free for these young women. Volunteers and donations are needed!
00:31:08 4/7/2019
Geneen Roth is a NY Times best-selling author, a life coach, and workshop leader. She incorporates all these talents in her morning conversation with a focus on her latest book-- This Messy Magnificent Life: A Field Guide. Geneen shares stories of her challenges, the personal discoveries to overcome them, and also includes stories from workshop attendees--all helping us to learn and grow.
00:29:55 3/24/2019

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