193. Revenge is a Drug, Land of Dreams, and Comebacks Begin with Jesus

Todd tells Julie about an inspirational story he was sent on social media. Julie talks about a book she read on comebacks and how having faith is the key to getting your life back on track. Todd details how he got lost in trying to keep up with the neighbors and mistakenly tied his self-worth to his net worth. Todd and Julie also discuss how their prayers and listening habits have changed recently due to their struggles. Please support the show by checking out our sponsors! Boll & Branch: Boll & Branch extended my code for exclusive access to 20% off through the end of the month with promo code CHRISLEY at bollandbranch.com Rothys: Discover the versatile styles you can wear absolutely anywhere and get $20 off your first purchase at rothys.com/CC Indeed: Visit Indeed.com/CC to start hiring now K12: At K12.com/podcasts, you can explore curriculum and see success stories from some of the over two million families who've taken charge of their child's education

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