The Jordan Harbinger Show

Freeway Rick Ross (@FreewayRicky) managed a billion-dollar drug empire in the age of Iran-Contra, now helps rebuild at-risk communities, and is featured in the Emmy-nominated documentary Freeway: Crack in the System.

What We Discuss with Freeway Rick Ross:

  • How Rick went from a tennis scholarship track in high school to a young adulthood making cocaine appealing and affordable for a growing urban clientele.
  • The escalation of Rick's business model thanks to an immensely helpful Nicaraguan connection during the Reagan administration.
  • Why Rick wished he had more hours a day in prison -- a place where most people are just looking to kill time.
  • The story behind the ex-prison guard rapper who uses Rick's name and why he's legally allowed to do so.
  • How Rick overcame illiteracy later in life and the must-read books he recommends for anyone with (legal) entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • And much more...

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