Weekly Dish on MyTalk

Top Two in Hour 2; Star Tribune's "Cookie Book." New chips and Trader Joes; Where to go if you don't want to eat Turkey for Thanksgiving; Surdyk's 4-pack; the moral of the story.

Weekly Dish on MyTalk
00:00:00 11/10/2018

Past Episodes

Stephanie March is joined by professional Chef (The Midtown Global Market) Molly Herman today! Top Two in Hour Two! Here are some VERY helpful ideas for a no-heat kitchen. "Gabby's Got This" Benefit.
00:43:34 7/20/2019
Stephanie March is joined by Molly Herman to discuss a variety of yummy topics including Dating while Dining, Foodie Calls (i.e. basically "Booty call" BUT for "FOOD"), and "Ask Stephanie."
00:44:59 7/20/2019
The Stephanie's talk about what servers say bugs them the most about when we dine in a restaurant.
00:30:27 7/17/2019
Top Two in Hour Two. Richie Mann stops by to talk about Sitka Salmon Shares. S'more's Tech. Moral of the Story.
00:44:40 7/13/2019
Donuts - to Dip or Inject? Fermenting Vs. Phickeling. What's a Co-Op Farm Tour? John Kreidler from Tatersall Distilling stops by. Ask Stephanie!
00:43:52 7/13/2019
Eating food past its expiration date and the ultimate problem of food waste is the Stephanies latest focus.
00:32:54 7/10/2019
The Stephs share their favorites in Top Two, 80 foods to fill your nostalgia, Ely Garden Update, Wonder Bread Van update, Corner Table, and your local, foodie events!
00:43:00 7/6/2019
The Stephs recap their Fourth of July foods, more tips on how to make homemade ice cream, and the Stephs answer your questions about batch cocktails and how to clean cast iron skillet.
00:43:00 7/6/2019
What is your favorite ice cream and the Steph's introduce you to a few new scoop shops.
00:00:00 7/3/2019
**Parts of this Episode are missing due to Technical Issues** The Stephs talk about KUA at Travail Kitchen, potluck salads for a large crowd, Dinner In White party, and the Stephs take your foodie questions.
00:00:00 6/29/2019

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