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1001: Haiti | Out of the Loop

Haiti Policy House founder Wolf Pamphile is here to explain why, despite the country's ongoing crises, he remains optimistic about Haiti's future.

Welcome to what we're calling our "Out of the Loop" episodes, where we dig a little deeper into fascinating current events that may only register as a blip on the media's news cycle and have conversations with the people who find themselves immersed in them.

On This Episode of Out of the Loop, We Discuss:

  • Haiti has a long history of instability, starting with its colonial past under France and Spain, followed by a devastating war for independence, and continuing with foreign interventions, dictatorships, natural disasters, and gang violence that have hindered its development.
  • Foreign powers, including France, the United States, and the Dominican Republic, have played significant roles in Haiti's struggles — from the crippling debt imposed by France after independence to the US occupation in the early 20th century and the Dominican Republic's anti-Haitian policies.
  • The 2010 earthquake was a devastating blow to Haiti, killing over 300,000 people and setting the country back decades in terms of infrastructure and development. This event, along with political instability, has contributed to the rise of powerful gangs that control much of the country.
  • The current situation in Haiti is dire, with gangs controlling large parts of the capital, Port-au-Prince, and engaging in kidnappings, violence, and drug trafficking. The international community is attempting to intervene, with Kenya leading a police force to help stabilize the country, but the effectiveness of this intervention remains to be seen.
  • Despite the challenges, there are reasons for optimism about Haiti's future. A new generation of Haitians, both in Haiti and abroad, are working toward a better future for their country. Political groups are coming together to find consensus on the way forward, and organizations like the Haiti Policy House are ensuring that Haitian voices are heard in discussions about the country's future. While the road ahead is difficult, with determination, unity, and international support, Haiti can overcome its challenges and build a brighter future for its people.
  • And much more!
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