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09-13-17 - Rock Wars - Best Political Song - Entertainment Drill - WEDNESDAY

ROCK WARS, Wednesday September 13, 2017 - Eric was in control and with some recent tweeting controversy by ESPN's Jemele Hill he chose to find the BEST song that is political OR about politics. Who will win? We also got into the day's Entertainment Drill.

32:17 9/13/2017

Past Episodes

Guadalupe Squares Friday November 17, 2017 - Today's Squares guests included our boss the Trip Reeb, President Donald Trump, Jody Foster, All of the movie Batmen, and the center square the 'After Dark' Brady Bogen among others.
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Fireside Chats - Friday November 17, 2017 - Today's edition of the Fireside Chats had a call from imagineer Marcus who has some pretty fantastical transportation ideas!
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Our former morning radio colleague from down the hall, Ian Camfield, dropped in for his weekly visit to talk about his battle with the kissing disease MONO, his appearance on Judge Judy and more!
32:39 11/16/2017
Comedian Colin Kane (@ColinKane) dropped by the studio to talk about relationships, dark humor, sexual harassment, aging and to promote his weekend performances at The Tempe Improv. For tickets/info call 480.921.9877 or click to www.tempeimprov.com
34:22 11/16/2017
WHAT WOULD BRADY DO - Monday, November 13, 2017 - Today's WWBD included an email from our self-described "5th Black Listener" Rollo who does NOT want his daughter to date a white kid.
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Guadalupe Squares Friday November 10, 2017 - Today's Squares guests included our boss the Trip Reeb, President Donald Trump, Darth Vader, comedian Tracy Morgan, Col. Jessup, and the center square the 'Ragin Bull' Brady Bogen among others.
28:37 11/10/2017

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