Garage Logic

08/30/19 Garage Logic is LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair!!!

08/30 Garage Logic is LIVE from the Minnesota State Fair!!!

Garage Logic
01:16:47 8/29/2019

Past Episodes

09/16 The video discussed last week on the gang beating and robbery in downtown Mpls made National news over the weekend. AOC says that Miami will be gone in two years and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!
01:22:15 9/15/2019
09/13 The Mayor has a few thoughts on the Democratic debate that took place last night. The Mystery continues to showcase zero diversity of thought. Plus Patrick's weekly visit which includes one of his top five favorite stories as a sports writer.
01:20:34 9/12/2019
09/12 The Mayor goes down a deep and troubling path on the way this country would rally as opposed to the way we did 18 years ago. Positive Thursday submissions from Moron #1 and #2, and an accidental yet interesting Author's Corner discussion.
01:22:26 9/11/2019
Today's replay includes the first segment where came on the air that day in 2001. Also replayed, is Joe's reaction to the country coming back together several weeks later. Things like traveling, investing, etc. The show became the 'Are You In?' show. Have a listen and please: Never Forget how this country came together when we got sucker punched. We need to get back to that~
00:49:41 9/10/2019
09/10 President Trump fires John Bolton as National security advisor. Three people were fatally shot in St. Paul within a matter of hours, including a good Samaritan who was helping victims of a multi-vehicle crash. That and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.
01:29:52 9/9/2019
09/09 Man livestreams chase before fatal encounter with Edina police. We have to apply the 48 hour rule in GL until we know more information. Joe discovers a new job in the city of Duluth, and man losing touch with nature.
01:14:07 9/8/2019
09/06 More on the hypocrisy of the left, NASA Failed To Protect Earth From Getting Hit By An Asteroid but they know what the temp will be in 100 years. Patrick makes his weekly visit and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!
01:23:39 9/5/2019
09/05 Positive Thursday begins with reaction from CNN's Climate Town Hall. Bernie Panders thinks that we need to introduce population control. We also take the next step in trying to name Kenny's pontoon!!
01:16:18 9/4/2019
09/04 Elizabeth Warren is not only a hypocrite but apparently she is also a thief. Hurricane Dorian "Is what climate change looks like" according to AOC. A new addition to Author's Corner, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news.
01:25:50 9/3/2019
09/03 Hurricane Dorian approaches and Bernie Panders will stop it if he gets elected President!! State Fair wrap-up, another deadly weekend in Chicago, an interesting NASA report on climate change, and Johnny Heidt with guitar news!!
01:21:27 9/2/2019

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