Unlocked with Savannah Chrisley

By The Time You Hear This | Savannah Chrisley's Emotional Podcast on Todd & Julie's Trial Sentencing

When you hear this emotional solo episode of "Unlocked," Savannah will likely have just left the courtroom after hearing the decision on her parents' fate following their sentencing in Federal Court in Atlanta on Monday evening. As she was recording this, she was well aware that she could come home from Georgia without either of her parents and with custody of both of her younger siblings, her brother Grayson who is 16 and her sister, Chloe, who is 10. In case you don't already know about this very special relationship, Chloe is Savannah's biological niece but was adopted by her family and has been raised by this nuclear unit since she was 1. Thoughts of the holidays without Todd and Julie, the overwhelm of nonstop public opinion, and desperation of a 25-year-old female who still longs to have her parents are recurring themes. Savannah has leaned more and more into being transparent regarding her emotional health in recent months, and this raw, unfiltered monologue is no exception. High-functioning depression, severe anxiety, and discussion of past suicidal thoughts all make their way in to this episode. She admits that it truly all crashes down for her emotionally when she reaches those moments that "fix it" mode is no longer an option and she is forced to surrender.

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